Monday, 8 July 2013

Creating SharePoint 2013 on Azure VMs - checklist

Follow this checklist to create SharePoint 2013 Server with configuration database on separate Virtual Machine.
  1. Create Network in Azure
  2. After that create two VMs - first with SQL, second with SP
  3. During creating, add them both to the same Network
  4. Log into first VM - the SQL one. Add AD DS feature and promote it to domain controller
  5. Create domain user, that will be SP SQL user.
  6. Open SQL Management Studio and create login and permissions for SP SQL user
  7. Open Windows Firewall and set inbound rule for port 1433 (SQL Server)
  8. Go to Azure and create endpoint for first VM for port 1433
  9. Log into second VM - the SP one. Join it to domain.
  10. Start SP Configuration Wizard, Create new server farm, use SP SQL user to create configuration DB, configure the rest

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