Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Why you should not install Windows Essentials 2012

If you are using Windows Live Mesh to synchronize your folders between several computers and The Cloud or work remotely on your home/work computer, do not upgrade to Windows Essentials 2012 just yet.

As Mary Jo on ZDNET reports, if you decide to upgrade, your Live Mesh will be removed and replaced by SkyDrive. And SkyDrive does not yet have all the cool features of Mesh, like easy synchronizing your files across work and home computers, or controlling your computer remotely. 

However, if you do not need those features, and are already using Windows 8, you should consider upgrade. Especially the changes to Movie Maker are worth noting - it has now video stabilization feature, that will remove shaking effect on videos shot from hand. Interesting it would be to see, how much hardware resources  this feature eats up and how fast rendering is. BTW, YouTube already has this feature. After uploading videos, you can edit them and stabilize.

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